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Back Office and Questionnaires

Back Office and Questionnaires

The Back Office, available via a web browser on a computer, allows the teachers of the organisation using O&SR mobile application to configure and update the content of their onboarding training. It also grants access to the management of accounts and users as well as the monitoring of results.

For the O&SR project, a Follow-up questions statistic has been developed which displays the students’ responses to the questionnaires available in the mobile application. Questionnaires are created by teachers following the retention questions defined during the project with Likert scale responses, ranging from 1. Strongly agree to 5. Strongly disagree. They should be published within the first 4 weeks of the students’ arrival to the school.

Questions are divided into 4 categories: Individual, Institutional, Social and Onboarding. A calculation of the average response per category is shown, resulting in a coloured flag depending on the value obtained: red from 0 to 11, yellow from 12 to 14 and green from 15 to 20 (see Fig. 3).

Figure 3 Back office screen showing an example of the well-being questionnaires.

Teachers should pay special attention to students having a red or yellow flag, but also to those having a low score in one of the categories. For instance, the last line on Figure 3 shows a yellow flag student who could be classified as a case to keep a close watch on according to the average score. However, given the extremely low score in the Social category, this student should be contacted with highest priority.

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