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Presentation of the app

Presentation of the app

The second component of the O&SR project is a mobile application. This application is gamified and based on a micro learning approach. Micro learning is described as “a didactic concept and approach that uses digital media to provide limited, coherent and autonomous content for short learning activities”1. It is organized as a toolbox comprising short articles to provide content as well as mini-games, flashcards and quizzes to onboard the users to their new organisation (see Fig. 1).

Figure 1 Mobile app screens showing (from left to right): the daily objectives assigned to the user; the list of activities available and achievement; a new badge collected; the user’s collected badges.

The application is aimed at driving engagement of the user through several features:
• The format is gamified, to stimulate the interest of users;
• The activities are diversified, to maintain the engagement of the users;
• The activities require minimal time, to facilitate their completion when users want or are able to;
• The progression is monitored with figuring points, badges and awards collected by the users (see Fig. 1).

The training program offers a combination of learning resources that covers several pedagogical objectives relating to onboarding:
• articles of 1,500 characters maximum, which may include images and videos;
• flashcards, mini games and quizzes, which relate to the educational sheet or glossary contents and may be used as gamified training resources on different topics (see Fig. 2).

Figure 2 Mobile app screens showing examples of: the mini-game Memory; a short quiz.

Push notifications regularly invite the users to complete activities and explore the content. Furthermore, a questionnaires tool (in the News section) facilitates the monitoring of the users’ well-being. A series of questions, with responses on a Likert scale ranging from 1. Strongly agree to 5. Strongly disagree, allows the user to give their opinion in confidence.

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