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Process model

Process model for getting started and working with the app

Step 1: Establish the team

The first step is to establish the team of personnel involved in using the app at your institution. Generally, it will be managers, teachers, counsellors, and/or mentors. It is recommended to have educated personnel as super users to teach colleagues about the app. Furthermore, personnel responsible for the uploading of content and keeping the app up to date should be determined.

Step 2: Timeline and target

In the second step the timeline and milestones should be determined. Normally, it would make sense to use the app at semester start during a 4-week period. The user groups should be defined, and the staff involved informed. Relevant content planning cycle for the semester should be decided.

Step 3: Content

In the third step you identify and decide content for the app. What kind of onboarding content (schedules, videos, links, etc.), would be relevant for the students and regarding retention, what kind of questions would be ideal to ask in the weekly questionnares.

Step 4: Software provider

In step four your software provider should be contacted for licenses and e.g., support. For this project it was Manzalab.

Step 5: Create content

In the fifth step the team of personnel involved work with the content management system and create the decided content for the app. 

Step 6: Pilot phase

In step six there should be testing and collecting feedback in a workshop.

Step 7: Review action plan and disseminate

In step seven timeline and targets should be reviewed and e.g., adjustments made. Students and personnel should be informed about the up-coming launch of the app.

Step 8: Launch

In the eighth step the app is launched to the users or student groups. Here it is important to give the recipients a correct introduction and instructions to the app supported by involved personnel. 

Step 9: Evaluation

In step nine students, teachers, and counselors evaluate the app and its content e.g., through workshops and feedback is written down.

Step 10: Adaptions

In step ten improvements and adjustments are made in the app in compliance with the feedback received.