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Here you can find information on the background studies, project timeline and workshop instructions.


Interview research paper

This paper will present existing knowledge and best practices related to onboarding, student retention and
the use of mobile technology related to this and draws on literary reviews as well as key points from
qualitative interviews conducted with teachers and supervisors at the four educational partner institutions.

Background knowledge on student onboarding and retention – best practices

Project timeline

Project timeline illustrates the different steps involved in developing the application.

Workshop instructions

A guide for organizing a student workshop on onboarding, (the first workshop).

Student workshop guide onboarding

The mobile app has been developed together with students. Each test school organised student workshops according to a same workshop model. Below are the models for organizing the student workshop after the first test period in 2022, and after the second test period in 2023.

Student workshopguide for app pilot test

A questionnaire used in student workshops, evaluation of app elements. All students filled out the questionnaire based on their experiences and opinions.

Questionnaire on app elements

A guide for organizing a student feedback workshop after app test 2

Student workshopguide app test 2

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