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Student retention

Student retention

Based on research and findings from student workshops, the project group defined questions related to student retention.

These questions pop up in the mobile app during the first four weeks of the studies. The questions help school staff to identify those students who are at risk of dropping out.

         Week 1:
    • The past week in school has been good? (Individual)
    • I am optimistic about completing my studies? (Individual)
    • I am comfortable with timetables, schedules, locations, navigation etc.? (Institutional)
    • The teachers help us create a good social atmosphere in class? (Social)
    • I received the information I needed before I started? (Onboarding)

         Week 2:
    • The past week in school has been good? (Individual)
    • I know who to contact if I need support (counsellors, teachers, tutors – institutional flexible)(Institutional)
    • I feel confident enough to ask questions in class / during teaching (institution flexible)? (Social)
    • It was easy to find the information I needed during the first week? (Onboarding)

         Week 3:
    • The past week in school has been good? (Individual)
    • I am able to manage my everyday life (e.g., finances, place to live, duties etc.)? (Individual)
    • It is possible to get help from my teachers when I need it? (Institutional)
    • I feel comfortable working with other students? (Social)
    • I got introduced to relevant teachers/lectures/academic tutor (institution flexible) quickly after starting? (Onboarding)

         Week 4:
    • The past week in school has been good? (Individual)
    • I feel confident to do what I am asked to do in my studies? (Individual)
    • I am comfortable in the school environment (online/physical)? (Institutional)
    • I feel part of the community at the school /at campus / in class (institution flexible)? (Social)
    • I feel well supported by my social network? (Social)
    • The first weeks at school / college (institution flexible) made me feel ready to study? (Onboarding)

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