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TAKK Tampere Adult Education Centre is a multisectoral vocational education institution in Tampere, Finland. TAKK’s purpose is to increase and maintain the vocational competence of adult population to keep up with economic and technical development in the society, thus improving the chances of employment and continuous learning.

TAKK’s mission is to promote the success of our customers in a sustainable way by offering both education as well as development services, domestically and internationally. The strengths of TAKK include competence-based learning, work-based learning and collaboration, digital skills in education, product development, sustainable development as well as quality assurance. The policy consists of up-to-date teaching and learning methods and environments, specialized customer services and expert knowledge in the fields of adult education.

TAKK has approximately 11 000 adult students annually and around 250 personnel.

TAKK offers vocational qualifications, further vocational qualifications, specialist vocational qualifications and vocational further education in over 20 vocational fields. TAKK also offers flexible and tailored services to companies and organizations for developing their operations and competences.

TAKK quality assurance is based on the ideology of continuous development, peer support and exchange of good practices. The quality management in TAKK is arranged according to EFQM quality system. In 2022 TAKK gained Recognised for Excellence Four Stars level.

Contant information, TAKK:

Ms Tuuli Oksanen
Development coordinator
TAKK Tampere Adult Education Centre
+358 44 790 6373
tuuli.oksanen @ takk.fi