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VUC Storstrøm, Region Zealand


VUC Storstrøm is an adult education centre with approximately 150 employees, of which 75 are teachers. About 2700 full time/part time students attend courses at VUC Storstrøm each year. VUC Storstrøm covers a region with about 270 000 inhabitants in a rural area and is represented in six towns. They offer general adult education, higher preparatory examinations, preparatory adult education (basic skills) and several special programs for learners with special needs, as well as custom-tailored courses for companies. Examination is mandatory in all subjects and on all levels giving formal competencies.

VUC’s students are adult second-chance students; many of them are young adult students, who need to prepare for national secondary school examinations (due to having exited the school system ahead of time); there are also adult students creating a new career path for themselves.

All six of the departments in the centre operate as blended learning centres. They are fully digital and can connect through videoconference and collaborative tools. This means VUC can offer a wide range of educational possibilities no matter where its students are located, thus ensuring equal access to education for all. This setup also means that they are working with many different types of students and study environments, and they are therefore continuously working with developing relevant and innovative learning designs to ensure that they can help their varied groups of students.

Contant information, VUC:
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Project manager
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